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Our Best Make Ahead Camping Meals and Backpacking Recipes

One of the best things on the backcountry trail is a mouth-watering meal. Instead of stressing about what to cook outside or how much time you have to eat before getting to your activities, join the make-ahead gourmet food bandwagon for super easy and sup
Dinner, Lunch & Snacks

Quick Tortellini Soup

A tasty, hearty meal for the trail or campsite.
Dinner, Lunch & Snacks

Loaded Mac ‘n Cheese

A fresh take on a classic camping meal.
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Best Ultralight Backpacking Stoves Guide

Staying Light While Maxing Out Speed And Performance
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2018 Resolution: More Epic Adventures

It's that time of year where we make a list of things we want to do, stop doing, or achieve over the next 12 months.
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Winter Wanderland - Gift Guide for Winter Fun

Don't get caught walking in a winter wonderland without the proper stove to keep you warm, fueled-up, and safe.
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A Backpacker's Gift Guide: Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Still looking for the perfect gift for the backpacker in your life? This guide will walk you through the perfect Jetboil gifts for the 2017 holiday season. 
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The Perfect Gift Guide for Trailgaters

Deck The Trails! We've selected our top gift ideas for the trailgater in your life.

Chef Dan’s Winter Thai Curry

Specially created for cup cooking in the wild by expert chef and avid snowboarder, Dan Janjigian.

30 Second Hot Chocolate

We won't hold it against you if you buy the packets, but here's a good recipe if you're a diehard do-it-yourselfer.

Wilderness Carbonara

Create a traditional Italian dish in the most untraditional way imaginable.
Lunch & Snacks

Jet Soup with Dumplings

Fresh bread on the trail is virtually unheard of, but dumplings are an easy and tasty substitute which takes your soup to new levels.