December 15, 2017

Winter Wanderland - Gift Guide for Winter Fun

Don't get caught walking in a winter wanderland without the proper stove to keep you warm, fueled-up, and safe. Here are our recommendations for the best stoves to take with you on your winter adventures! 



The ultra-compact and stowable MightyMo is the winter workhorse you need in your pack. 10,000 BTUs help you boil water, cook food and melt snow... all at just 3.3 oz.  Shop Now



The MicroMo is the lightest regulated system offering a compact design for the ultimate winter backcountry cooking experience. You can easily pack it in and pack it out without compromising your cooking potential. Shop Now



The MiniMo is our most popular regulated system, and the ideal individual cold-weather cooking system. Thanks to the sturdy metal handles and redesigned cooking cup optimized for a low spoon angle—you get an easy-to-cook, easy-to-eat experience, every time. Shop Now


The SUMO integrates uncompromised cooking performance for the whole group with a higher capacity cup to help fuel your team’s adventure. Packed with the same proprietary regulator technology for unbeatable simmer control and reliable cold-weather performance—down to 20°F (- 6°C). Shop Now


Jetboil Regulator Technology

Our regulated stoves have a wide range of incremental heat output unlike anything the indistry has ever seen. Four full turns of the spindle ensure consistent heat output from simmer all the way up to rolling boil. That translates to perfectly cooked eggs, golden brown grilled cheese, steamed grains or boiling water for coffee in as little as 135 seconds. 

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