Easy and Compact...

Our system is not only easy to use, but also made of the best materials that will ensure your Jetboil will last you for years to come.


Heat resistant, pour spout lid allows for safely boiling and protecting food from spilling. BPA-free and quick-to-cool material.


Whether your cooking in the Antartic or the Ozarks our canister stabilizer will allow your cooking system to be balanced and stable.stainless steel pot support.

Jetpower Fuel - (Sold Separately)

For maximum performance with minimal waste, use our high- performance propane/isobutane four-season blend.


Our patented FluxRing® technology integrates seamlessly with the burner, maximizing heat transfer for a faster boil.

Insulating Cozy

FluxRing® enabled heat-n-eat mug lets you save weight by sharing your burner base and fuel with all your adventurous friends.

Skirt Cover Measuring Cup

Not only does it protect the base of your cup but it has measuring guides to ensure you make the most of all your recipes.

One System.
Many Uses.

Who can argue
with that??

With the click of a button you are two minutes away from boiling water for cocoa, coffee, soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. Whether at the summit or the campsite, Jetboil will provide a system that is thoughtfully designed and able to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions.

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Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality and safety we take our products seriously.

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Quick to Boil

In 2 minutes you can have hot boiling water at the ready.

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All Weather Technology

Rain or shine, hot or cold our cooking system will be ready to perform.


Coffee Press

Coffee Press

Upgrade your backcountry beverage selection with our feather-light Coffee Press.

Hanging Kit

Hanging Kit

Perfect for big wall climbs or backcountry ski trips, the Hanging Kit is lightweight and easy to use.

Fry pan and pot

Fry Pan & Pot

Updated and improved through the use of FluxRing® technology, providing even heating.

Crunch It


Enjoy butane canister convenience while reducing landfill waste, thanks to CrunchIt.

Utensil Kit

Utensil Kit

The ideal utensils for Jetboil cooking systems or meals-in-a-bag on the go.

How do you Jetboil?

The many ways to use Jetboil cooking system